Did Cheney Lie?

In an update to yesterday’s post on Dick Cheney’s claims of having requested that documents be declassified, Greg Sargent found that while Cheney had not made a request to the CIA he did request that the National Archives declassify records on March 31. He also notes that “we have no way of knowing what Cheney actually asked for or whether they really say what Cheney claims.” The timing also makes it questionable as to whether the request really did pertain to the issue Cheney was speaking of this week, with some bloggers speculating that Cheney had really made an unrelated request for material related to his book.

John Cole points out other areas of potential dishonesty in Cheney’s statements on the subject.

It certainly isn’t helpful for the Republicans if national security controversies continue to be over Dick Cheney and the legacy of the Bush administration. Greg Sargent wrote:

Republicans have to be in despair over the fact that Cheney has inserted himself into this fight. It redefines the battle as one over the Bush legacy, rather than one about whether Obama has what it takes to keep us safe, which is what Republicans currently in power want it to be about. Related thoughts from Steve Benen.

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    GB says:

    Did Cheney Lie?  Were his lips moving?  Does a bear shxt in the woods? Is a pigs ass pork?  He’s lied all his life, whats the surprise in this?

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