Defending Karl Rove’s Right To Read Twitter

It’s not often I defend Karl Rove, but I really don’t understand what Meghan McCain is complaining about in her latest post at The Daily Beast.  She says it is creepy that Karl Rove follows her on Twitter. Her Twitter page invites people to “join today” to follow her. Yesterday she was bragging about having 25K followers.

This has nothing to do with our opinion of Karl Rove. I certainly prefer Meghan McCain’s vision of where the Republican Party should be moving in over that of Karl Rove. McCain seems upset purely because Rove is reading what she says on Twitter. If Rove was snooping on McCain’s private email it would be a different matter. We know that Karl Rove is interested in Republican politics. I would think that Meghan McCain would want all people interested in GOP politics to think her stuff on twitter is important enough to follow.  Twitter is not the place to post things which you don’t want certain people to read.

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