Thomas Moore Law Center Files Suit Over Imagined Attacks On Right

Last week many conservatives tried to fuel their conspiracy theories that Obama wants to suppress conservative speech based upon a report on right wing extremism that was declassified by the Department of Homeland Security. They ignored the facts that 1) the report only dealt with those who promote violence and not mainstream conservative speech, 2) there was also a report on left wing extremism, 3) the report was to provide situational awareness and did not promote taking action against any individuals 4) the report had been prepared by a Bush-appointee. This has now been taken to a new level of nuttiness. The far right Thomas Moore Law Center is filing suit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano over this report.

Napolitano discussed the report on CNN’s State of the Union. I previously posted Napolitano’s response to the report here.

The Thomas Moore Law Center has often championed causes of the far right including opposing abortion rights and opposing separation of church and state. The center has supported the teaching of creationism/intelligent design  in cases including the Dover case.

Even some on the right realize how absurd this is. Little Green Footballs predicts, “This ridiculous publicity stunt will be tossed out with the first motion to dismiss.”

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    Eclectic Radical says:

    The joke, of course, is that Thomas More was a reforming Catholic humanist. His ‘conservative’ opposition to Protestantism was based in his opposition to the reactionary anti-humanist doctrines promulgated by Calvin.

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