Texas Legislature May Place Curbs On Attempts to Teach Creationism

The Texas legislature might put an end to the attempts by the Texas Board of Education to allow the teaching of evolution in the schools. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Texas state legislators are considering reining in the Board of Education amid frustration with the board’s politically charged debate over how to teach evolution.

The board last month approved a science curriculum that opens the door for teachers and textbooks to introduce creationist objections to evolution’s explanation of the origin and progression of life forms. Other parts of the curriculum were carefully worded to raise doubts about global warming and the big-bang theory of how the universe began.

While the science standards have drawn the most attention, the 15-member elected board has been embroiled in other controversies as well. Last year, it rejected a reading curriculum that teachers had spent nearly three years drafting. In its place, the board approved a document that a few members hastily assembled just hours before the vote.

Some lawmakers — mostly Democrats — say they have had enough.

The most far-reaching proposals would strip the Texas board of its authority to set curricula and approve textbooks. Depending on the bill, that power would be transferred to the state education agency, a legislative board or the commissioner of education. Other bills would transform the board to an appointed rather than elected body, require Webcasting of meetings, and take away the board’s control of a vast pot of school funding. Gov. Rick Perry, a Republican, hasn’t taken a position on specific bills, a spokeswoman said.

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  1. 1
    Wow says:

    This is great news for freedom from religion.

  2. 2
    Al Evans says:

    to Texas legislature. Excellent time th limit text books teaching fraudlent science. The 1st posting was it would cause job loss in publishing jobs. It would be the exact opposite as a future date could be set to become effective. new books created woul  produce lots of jobe & printing. advertising, & marketing would helt the present economy. I t would allow sufficient time to adjust. The biggist advantage is better educate our children by teaching real science not thousands of frauds.   

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