SciFi Weekend Part I: Born to Run (Sarah Connor Chronicles Finale)


This week marked the season finale, and possibly series finale, of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I had expected the episode, Born to Run, to provide a potential ending for the series. Instead, while it did answer some questions, it raised far more and ended with quite a cliff hanger. (Major spoilers here).

There had already been some hints, but it was now confirmed that Weaver is fighting against Skynet as opposed to tying to build it as it first appeared. When Sarah Connor was being interrogated in jail (by Joshua Malina of the The West Wing) we also found that Miles Dyson’s son was missing, which leaves another plot line for next season should the show be renewed.

The bulk of the significant occurrences happened in the last ten minutes or so. Prior to that we had one gigantic tease for those wondering if John Connor was going to ultimately have intimate relations with Cameron (Summer Glau). Cameron removed her shirt and bra, had John lie down on top of her, and had him reach into her body under her breast plate.


This could be a moment Summer Glau fans on Big Bang Theory will never forget and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there isn’t a reference to this scene on the show. (Of couse Sheldon wouldn’t get it and would talk about radiation and cyborg construction.) To the disappointment of most male fans, nothing of consequence did come of this, and later Cameron was in the full Terminator role to bust Sarah Connor out of jail. In the final minutes of the episode they went to Weaver’s office where she stated her goal of stopping Skynet. To make this more convincing she wound up saving the others from an attack.

While John and Sarah were in Weaver’s office, Cameron was going after John Henry in the basement. Instead of trying to destroy him as expected, Cameron gave John Henry her chip and he traveled through time. Weaver and John followed and wound up in an alternative future post-Judgment Day. As we found out previously from Kyle Reese, there is more than one potential future.

In this future John was not around to lead the resistance, presumably because of  jumping into the future before Judgement Day occured. John met both Kyle and Derek Reese but they had never heard of John Connor. Also present was a girl who I assume was Allison, the girl Cameron was modeled upon. Presumably somewhere around there is John Henry’s body with Cameron’s chip along with  Weaver, who has used her shape shifting abilities to go into hiding.

This would be a horrible way for the series to end. A thread throughout the series and the Terminator movies was to save John Connor to lead the resistance. Now we have a future where Skynet has its wish and there is no John Connor. If there is a third season this alternative future does open what can become an interesting storyline, presumably with John and Cameron ultimately returning to the present. It will also be interesting to see if anything happens between John and the human version of Cameron in the future.

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