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This weekend is the official 2009 Blog Against Theocracy Blogswarm. Blogging against theocracy is an ongoing mission of this blog and today I’ll highlight some of the recent posts on this topic.

Yesterday I noted that opposition to a possible appointment of Caroline Kennedy to be ambassador to the Vatican due to her support for abortion rights and stem cell research, arguing that our ambassador should reflect our values, not the values of the country they are going to. As I added in the comments in response to another reader, “As a secular government founded on the principle of separation of church and state the United States government should never make such an appointment based upon religious views. Their views that abortion is sinful is irrelevant to our diplomatic appointments.”

Last week I cited Kathleen Parker’s op-ed on Disenchantment With Politics Among the Religious Right.

Views on separation of church and state influences  Liberal vs. Conservative Views on Marriage Equality,with liberals not accepting the conservative view that their religious views justify restriction on gay marriage. Here’s one of the more bizarre arguments made against marriage equality.

This post shows a sign which demonstrates Irreconcilable Differences
between some religious organizations and those who believe in reason.

The Pope’s Anti-Life Views were examined during his trip to Africa.

While there have been some signs that the culture wars might be diminishing, there are indications that they might continue, such as seeing Newt Gingrich Trying To Mobilize Religious Right. More on the culture wars here and here.

Teaching evolution versus creationism has been a major battle. For an amusing view of the mindset of the opposition see  50 Reasons to Reject Evolution.

Last month we even had an example of Conservatives Discovering Separation of Church and State.

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