Another Bogus Conservative Attack Against Obama

Conservative bloggers continue their usual practice of finding nonsense to attack Obama about as a distraction from actual discussion of the issues. Today’s entry comes from Obama writing a letter to former French President Jacques Chirac. Right wing blogs are attacking Obama for President Nicolas Sarkozy, with some even suggesting that Obama doesn’t even know who the President of France is.

The Christian Science Monitor explains:

…we found out that another French newspaper, the New Observer, explained that Obama was merely replying to a Chirac letter who was writing him as the head of his foundation — the Jacques Chirac Foundation for sustainable development and cultural dialogue.

The foundation is promoting access to water and medicines in west Africa, combating deforestation in the Congo Basin, and trying to save dying languages in Polynesia, according to a spokesman who helped set up the foundation…there is no evidence that the language has upset President Sarkozy or anyone else in France.

Obama clearly knew what he was doing in responding to Chirac’s letter. In assuming total ignorance on Obama’s part they were clearly confusing him with his predecessor in the White House.

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    Eclectic Radical says:

    I made the mistake of following links and reading some of the blogs in question. I am bothered, sometimes, by the freedom with which some of these bloggers throw around the words ‘fool’ and ‘idiot’ when speaking of things which they clearly only know second or third hand themselves. Do they get the irony of anti-intellectuals calling intellectuals stupid? I really wonder.

    Most of this isn’t even well enough reasoned to fall into the ‘talking point’ category. Now I find myself wondering how my blog looks to people. Heh.

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