Tech Problems, Not All Messages Getting Through

There have been a few glitches lately. For some reason WordPress is not properly saving changes made in the administration panel. On top of this, email from the blog to one of my email accounts is not working properly. Sometimes it goes through, but very often it doesn’t. I’ve tried to get around this by changing the email address the blog uses but this isn’t entirely working as it is not saving the changes properly.

The most significant problem is that for the last several days most messages sent through the Contact Page were not coming through. I just changed the email address that such messages are being sent to and it seems to be working.

The second problem is that this delays moderation and review of recent comments when I’m not actually on the blog but monitoring email. It now is sending messages regarding comments being held up in moderation to a different email address so I have a better chance of getting them. It is still not updating the email address to send me posted comments, which is often delaying when I see them and possibly respond. (Update: I how have this fixed.)

There has also been one other minor problem. Since we went back on Daylight Savings Time the blog would not accept commands to change the time zone and everything was timed one hour off. I just found a work around for this. While it would not allow me to manually change the time zone for DST, a plug-in which makes the change, is working.

Ann Coulter’s Sales Down

While there’s still far too many people taking her seriously, it is good news that sales of Ann Coulter’s latest book are less than expected. Many aspects of the conservative media are doing well due to increased interest and intensity¬† from those who oppose Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress. It is good to see there is at least a little selectivity.

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