Bobby Jindal Is No Kenneth the Page

Since his disasterous rebuttal to Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday, Bobby Jindal has been compared to Kenneth the Page on 30 Rock for the manner in which he spoke down to the audience and sounded rather simple himself. It turns out that this comparison is unfair–to Kenneth. While Kenneth might seem a little simple at times, he is honest. We found that Bobby Jindal is not completely honest. There have been blog posts all week questioning a story he told regarding Katrina. His office now admits that the story was not true as told. They have tried various ways to spin the story in their favor. Kenneth would never behave this badly.

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    Joe R. says:

    This is pointless. One can split hairs over details, but it appears Jindal did help. This is the inverse of the O.J. Simpson glove moment; give him a rope to hang himself with, but he’ll use it to rescue Timmy from the well. Digging deeper into this issue will only paint Jindal in a more positive light. People will see that he did help with the Katrina aftermath (even if his timeline was blurry 3+ years later), and oh yeah, he seemed to perform well during Hurricane Gustav too.

    You have to view all things through the eyes of the middle third, not the left or the right. And the middle will say “It seems like he did a good job–twice.”

    There are plenty of things in his career and life to criticize. To stay on this specific issue is suicidal. Well, it would be if this one issue becomes the deciding factor, which it won’t be.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    It is your comment which is pointless as it does not respond to what is actually being said here.

    This says absolutely nothing about whether Jindal did a good job. The question is whether he was being honest in his account of events. He clearly was not.

    Nobody is staying on this specific issue as you also incorrectly claim. This is just one of several posts–hardly the primary criticism of Jindal. It is worth pointing out at the time the controversy is in the news. That does not suggest any intent what so ever of staying on this issue as opposed to the more serious criticism of his policies.

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