Holder Promises End To Raids on Medicinal Marijuana

As I’ve noted here and here, hold overs from the Bush administration have continued to enforce federal laws against medicinal marijuana in states where it is legal since Obama took office, despite promises from Obama that he will end this practice. The Huffington Post reports that Attorney General Eric Holder has stated at a news practice that he will end these raids.


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    Vaporizer says:

    How likely is Obama going to end these practices. I mean, I’m a Obama fan myself, but sometimes it seems like he made a lot of statements only to win the vote of many people. WIth this pro legalization movement, many are for medicinal MJ, he was sure to win many votes just by saying he would put an end to these raids. 

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    Ron Chusid says:

    It looks like he has ended these practices. So far Obama has an excellent record with regards to doing what he said he would do while campaigning. I don’t recall any other recent presidents who have fulfilled as many campaign promises as Obama has in such a short time in office.

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