Yes, Conservatives Are Stuck In The Past

Steve Benen notes that conservatives are still repeating the same disputed arguments to try to pin the blame for the economic crisis on the Democrats and asks if we are still stuck in October. Is anyone really surprised? The conservative movement operates in an echo chamber which is extremely effective at keeping out actual facts which contradict their arguments. As I noted earlier in the week, they are also skilled at contriving ways to blame others for the problems which arise from their policies, regardless of what the evidence demonstrates.

Once something is accepted as a conservative talking point, they continue to make the same claims regardless of how much evidence is present to show they are wrong. There are still conservatives claiming that Obama is a Muslim and that he is not a natural born American citizen. If John Kerry’s name comes up, they will still repeat the same disputed claims from the Swift Boat Liars even though the military records clearly supported Kerry’s account. We can expect to hear the same untrue claims from conservatives about the mortgage problems and the entire economic crisis as long as it is an issue. Once they come up with an argument, that is their story and it will never change.

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