Socks, Former First Cat, Dies at 20

Socks has run out of lives. CNN reports:

Socks, who reigned as first cat in former President Clinton’s White House, was put to sleep on Friday morning.

After suffering from mouth cancer, Socks was euthanized at Three Notch Veterinary Clinic in Hollywood, Maryland. Betty Currie, Clinton’s former personal secretary, had been taking care of the cat since her boss left the White House.

Socks was born in 1989 and would have turned 20 this spring.

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    Blanca DeBree says:

    I’m just waiting for Monday so I can hear Rush make a joke about this.  I remember when Buddy the dog was hit by a car, and Rush laughed at it.  It made me feel good as a compassionate conservative.  I guess that is what being a Republican is all about.  If you can’t laugh at someone else’s misfortune, then what can you laugh at?  Oh, I remember now, shooting monkeys.

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