Bloggers Pile On George Will Following Global Warming Blunder

One of the common arguments used by global warming deniers is a claim that in the 70’s scientists thought we were facing a period global cooling. If they were wrong then, their logic goes, the scientists must be wrong today (and therefore we should believe conservative writers as opposed to scientists who work in the field). The problem with that argument is that global cooling was a belief which sometimes made the newspapers but was not accepted by most scientists. That is hardly the same as the current scientific consensus on climate change.

Although there is no substance to this argument, it continues to pop up. George Will was the latest to raise it. Many bloggers have debunked him:

Ezra Klein: George Will Embraces Palin-ism

Steve Benen: Bad Will Hunting

Zachary Roth: Where There’s a (George Will) There’s A Way To Deny Global Warming

Nate Silver: George F. Will Takes on Science, Loses Credibility

David Roberts: George Will is an Idiot

While all these liberal bloggers have looked at the facts, and the views of scientists actually working in the field, via Memeorandum we see that once again conservative bloggers are only interested in those who share their biases. Several conservative blogs are excited that an astronaut shares their denial of global warming. They don’t care that he is not an expert in the field any more than they care when they quote meterologists, which is quite different from being a scientist working in climate change. They are only interested in finding people who will agree with their prexisting biases and lack any interest in sorting out the truth.

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  1. 1
    whomever1 says:

    The scientists probably were not wrong about global cooling according the citations on 538  (–they just said cooling would be a problem over the next few tens of th0usands of years, if you ignore human effects.  So you can’t even say this discredits climate scientists.

  2. 2
    Charles Bombaugh says:

    I just don’t believe him. I believe he was a mole for Reagan during the debates so that Reagan knew all of Carters responces before questions were asked. But maybe Will wasn’t, none= the- less I don’t believe him. If he tells you its raining better put on your sun hat.

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