Scientists Boycott Lousiana For Their Rejection Of Science

While Bobby Jindal is sometimes billed as a pragmatic governor, he has embraced the anti-science/anti-reason world view of the far right. I’ve previously noted that Jindal has signed legislation which would promote teaching creationism in the pubic schools. The  Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology has decided not to hold their annual meeting in Louisiana in response to this:

The repercussions that were expected from the Louisiana legislature’s passage and Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signing of the creationist 2008 LA Science Education Act have begun. Louisiana taxpayers and schoolchildren are now reaping what the legislature and governor have sowed: the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, one of the nation’s leading scientific societies, is boycotting Louisiana. In a February 6, 2009, letter [pdf] to Gov. Bobby Jindal, SICB Executive Committee President Richard Satterlie told the governor that “The Executive Committee voted to hold the 2011 meeting in Salt Lake City in large part because of legislation SB 561, which you signed into law in June 2008…. Utah, in contrast [to Louisiana], passed a resolution that states that evolution is central to any science curriculum.” [See the resolution adopted by the Utah State Board of Education affirming that “The Theory of Evolution is a major unifying concept in science and appropriately included in Utah’s K-12 Science Core Curriculum.” Contrast this resolution with the recent decision by the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to strip the prohibition against teaching creationism from the policy implementing the LSEA.]

The LA Coalition for Science has issued a press release [pdf] announcing SICB’s decision. [Correction: Although the LA Science Education Act was first introduced as SB 561, it was renumbered during the legislative process and signed into law as SB 733.]

(Hat tip to P.Z. Meyers.)

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  1. 1
    Diane says:

    Good for them!
    Voting with your feet appears to be the only thing Republicans and crazy Democrats seem to understand.
    Money. For republicans it is truly the root of all evil they do in their name

  2. 2
    DB says:

    Too bad this is a badge of honor for people like Jindal.

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