Saturday Night Live Reid-Pelosi Skit Not Funny

Saturday Night Live had some amusing skits during the election year but for the most part the show has not been funny for years. Over the weekend I noticed there was some buzz on line about a skit satirizing Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. I finally got around to watching my recording of SNL late last night and did not find the skit (or anything else of the little I watched of the show) to be funny.

Initially I didn’t bother posting anything on the show. I figured that people would just say I didn’t find it funny because it mocked a Democrat instead of a Republican. Of course that is not it at all. I think all politicians of all parties are fair game for satire.

I was pleased to note the comments of James Joyner who has the same view of Saturday Night Live as I have, including fast forwarding through most of the show other than the opening skit and Weekend Update. Even though we view the politics behind the writing differently, Joyner also agrees the skit was not funny.

The best line of the show was when Seth Meyers dismissed the tax problems of Obama’s appointees by contrasting this with how Bush “broke the world.” While I did find that mildly amusingg, it was not very meaningful as political commentary. We cannot excuse faults in Obama appointees by pointing out what Bush did wrong. This sounds like the conservatives who blamed everything wrong in the world on Bill Clinton throughout both the Clinton and Bush years.

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