A Message From Barack Obama

What does Barack Obama think about Rush Limbaugh?

Click Here (Waring: audio not safe for work).

That really is Barack Obama’s voice.

Wonder what he has planned for this weekend?

Click Here

These audio clips, along with others which you might want to use to replace the ring tone on your cell phone, come from Barack Obama reading Dreams From My Father. The Phoenix collected these clips and explains:

In his bestselling autobiography, Dreams From My Father, President Obama introduces us to his high school friend, “Ray,” who, like him, is bi-racial. Who, also like him, is casting about to find his place in the world. But, who, unlike him, has a potty mouth that would make a sailor blush.

Best of all? When reading the audiobook version of his bio, Obama does impressions of Ray’s manner of speech. Swear words and all. It’s fucking awesome. And it’s a way of talking we probably won’t be hearing from him now that he’s POTUS.

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