Howard Dean Gaining Momentum for HHS

After Tom Daschle’s nomination to head HHS was withdrawn, Howard Dean’s name was raised frequently in the blogosphere. The conventional wisdom seemed to be that Dean had little chance due to being seen as too partisan and, probably more importantly, because of not being on good terms with Rahm Emanuel. Marc Ambinder writes that Dean is picking up some momentum. Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman Raul Grijalva have both endorsed Dean.

This hardly means that Dean is likely to get the position, with many other names still being considered, but it no longer looks as far fetched as it did a couple days ago.

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    DrToketee says:

    What’s disturbing is the absence of a quick replacement pick, i.e. no Plan B … there’s Wyden and Kitzhaber and many others who are very, very qualified, but apparently the vetting team not only sloppy but had also put all their eggs in one basket – was Daschle merely the “obvious” choice for them?

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    Deaniac says:

    Come see Howard Dean at the 6th Annual DemocracyFest!

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