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Blogroll Amnesty Day was first established on February 3, presumably in honor of my birthday. There’s also the alternative theory that it was established by some big A list blogger who gave himself amnesty for knocking more of the little guys off his blogroll. That sad tale is told here but, not wanting to believe that a big blogger would be so mean, I’ll go with the theory that it is a blogosphere wide celebration of my birthday.

Regardless of the origins of  Blogroll Amnesty Day (and regardless of whether anyone cares that it originally fell on my birthday) the day is being used to spread links to more blogs. This year the holiday period is also being extended. For more information see these explanations from Jon Swift, Blue Gal, and skippy. The holiday is celebrated by linking to five blogs with less traffic than yours. As my first draft contained more than five links, I thought it would be within the spirit of the holiday to include them all rather than to edit down the post.

Buck Naked Politics and From the Left are understandably concerned about the story in The Los Angeles Times claiming that Obama will continue extraordinary rendition.

Fortunately Cernig shows that the story making this claim is inaccurate.

Robert Stein at Connecting the Dots and Danny Noonan at Pufferfish share my concerns about Tom Daschle.

Objectively Biased points out that the Republicans are playing obstructionists/antagonists in Congress. Our Rants and Raves attributes their opposition to the economic stimulus bill to The Cynical Cult of Republicanism.

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