Team Sarah vs. David Letterman

While Sarah Palin continues to attack the media and bloggers, her supporters at are trying to shut up one source of criticism which John McCain might have liked to see silenced during the campaign. Alaska Dispatch reports that TeamSarah is sending out this message:

Over 500 Team Sarah members protested to the FCC about Letterman’s unsavory comment about Gov. Palin. They are hearing from the FCC that it is launching an investigation!

This could be a bad move on their part. As Dave repeatedly reminded John McCain, the road to the White House goes through him! Considering how often David Letterman mocked Sarah Palin I can’t help wondering which of his jokes is being singled out as the “unsavory comment” being protested.

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  1. 1
    Sarah Jane says:

    David “LefterMan” ” acted like  a leftist pig in mocking Palin while dismissing that Hillary is a dependent and submissive feminist who stayed with a cheating husband just so that she could use the Clinton name to advance her career;  there is ample Clinton bedroom material to keep “LefterMan’s” maniac  writers busy for a decade.

  2. 2
    DB says:

    I fail to see how a political satirist such as Letterman does not have the same free speech rights as right-wing satirists like Limbaugh who make far more “unsavory comments” about other politicians.

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    It is hard to really comment without knowing what comment they are referring to, but it is hard to believe anything he said will really be a problem with the FCC. Besides, if he really said something which was far worse than his usual comments on Sarah Palin, I’m sure the video would have been spread all over.

  4. 4
    Ken Brinzer says:

    As for the Letterman attempt to denigrate Sarah Palin, it would be one thing if only he were involved, then one could say he rips everyone as he pleases.  In fact Katie Couric, a supposed serious news anchor, appeared with Letterman and together they shamelessly conducted a joint sortie against Palin.

    Is it unreasonable to ask if CBS management was behind the whole hit piece?

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    The two are talking about an interview in which Sarah Palin demonstrated that she is ignorant of national issues and unqualified for national office. Under the circumstances it is not at all surprising that any discussion of the event would be critical of her.

    There was nothing shameless about this. It was what would be expected from any intelligent people who were discussion Sarah Palin’s campaign.

    “Is it unreasonable to ask if CBS management was behind the whole hit piece?”

    Yes–it demonstrates the typical ignorance,  paranoia, and propensity to adopt conspiracy theories  seen by many on the extreme right.

  6. 6
    DB says:

    My god, the “unfair” whining is going a bit overboard now! Why is it unreasonable to expect an intelligent answer to a simple political question? If such a person (running for VP, no less) is unable to answer the question, people should be able to be critical of that.

  7. 7
    Centrist says:

    Well, fortunately the Right Wing Team Sarah lost by 10,000,000 votes in 2008, and their beloved Republican party has since become so fractured, beaten-down, and shown for what it actually is (i.e., Sanford, Ensign, abortion clinic shooters, Limbaugh, white supremacists, etc.) that Team Sarah is now about as powerful (and relevant) as a newborn trying for a Harvard degree.
    Which may not be all that great an analogy, considering most Team Sarah members have no passport and have never seen one hour of education beyond a GED or public high school.
    Team Sarah, the 21st century is here. It’s a place where black folk, white folk, Asian folk, and *all* folk are welcome. Even you.
    Time to put away your 16th-century values and start acting like human beings.

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