Traffic Remains Heavy–Cache Might Limit Viewing of New Material

Liberal Values continues to receive unusually heavy traffic from people who are interested in pictures of girls either rumored to be the girl friend of University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow or who are built similar to the girl rumored to be his girl friend. As a consequence, it is necessary to increase use of the cache to prevent excessive demand on the server. (For those familiar with WordPress and Super Cache, the lock down mode is in use.)

The cache can limit the ability to view changes in the blog, such as recent comments and new posts. Under normal circumstances clicking on the comments for a post will refresh the cache, but with current settings for increased traffic this will not work as usual.

Those who want to be certain of seeing new posts as they are posted and who use a RSS reader might consider subscribing to the RSS feed as opposed to trying to read the posts on the site while increased use of the cache is in effect.

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