Tim Tebow Big Winner


Congratulations to Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators on winning the BCS National Championship, beating Oklaoma 24-14.

As the game began I noted how a post which included a a picture of a girl rumored to be Tim Tebow’s girl friend (reposted above) has been bringing in record numbers of hits whenever Tebow has been involved in a major game. There have been reports that she never really was his girl friend, along with pictures of other potential candidates. Here are a couple of additional pictures floating around the web:



All this, the  Heisman last year, and two National Championships in three years!

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  1. 1
    BuckeyesGuy says:

    God has really blessed this guy! I wish he would have left Florida for the NFL though. He is a competetor for sure and his mission work abroad speaks for itself. I will get tired of the media making him out to be superhuman next season though.

  2. 2
    elizabeth w says:

    tim tibow is the hottest gator couterback ever

  3. 3
    John Dressel says:

    This Tebow fella, hes the spitting image of the actor, Brendan Fraser, could be his twin brother!If they ever make a movie about the exploits of the Fla QB< I want Fraser to play the part.

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