Kerry For Commerce Secretary?

Before Hillary Clinton was picked to be Secretary of State, both Bill Richardson and John Kerry were discussed as possible picks for the job. Of the two, only Bill Richardson wound up being offered a cabinet position after the Secretary of State spot was filled. With Bill Richardson’s nomination to be Secretary of Commerce being withdrawn, a columnist for The Kansas City Star suggests that John Kerry might be a good replacement:

With Bill Richardson declining to submit to the nominations process for commerce secretary, how about John Kerry for that job?

He wanted secretary of state, and reportedly was devastated with Barack Obama turned to Hillary Clinton.

He’s a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, and familiar with the issues.

You’d think Obama owes Kerry something, since it was Kerry’s selection of Obama to give the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention that vaulted Obama onto the national stage.

And, the chances of the Democrats losing a Senate seat from Massachusetts are almost nil.

Kerry for commerce. It seems like a natural.

Kerry would certainly be an excellent consideration for the post. Back in 2004 I felt that the Kerry campaign was making a mistake in not bringing up this aspect of Kerry’s experience, along with his strong history of support for small business.

While Kerry would be an excellent choice, I wonder if he would be interested. My bet is that he’d be happier in his new post as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Plus with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, I also feel safer having Kerry in the Senate, along with many who are already wary of Clinton in the White House, to limit the damage Hillary Clinton might do.

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