Obama’s Leftist Advisers

Some Conservatives Fear Obama Advisers Lean Too Far Left is a headline which should surprise nobody. For the most part Obama has received praise from both the left and right for the relatively centrist nature of his initial appointments. Considering that those on the right were expecting a far more leftist government from Obama than we are likely to see, I’ve seen far more complaints from liberals. Still, saying that “some conservatives” believe his advisers lean too far left comes as no surprise. After all, we had a campaign where, despite receiving much of his economic advice from the University of Chicago, we had a campaign were the Republicans distorted Obama’s statements to claim he desires redistribution of the wealth in a Marxist sense. We also saw a trivial association with William Ayers distorted to claim Obama palls around with terrorists.

Saying that some conservatives will think that Obama advisers lean too far to the left sounds like a “dog bites man” story. The most surprising aspect of this story is that they couldn’t make a better case to support the premise. The criticism cited is primarily from one person, Roger Clegg. Certainly there must be some better known conservatives who could also be quoted if one wanted to make this argument. The criticism is also primarily about advisers on the transition team as opposed to those actually given appointments in the new government. I would think that those who will actually hold government positions are more important than transition advisers. I also question whether you can complain that the transition advisers are too far to the left if the actual appointees are seen as more centrist.

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    DB says:

    But of course, one could never lean too far right. It is near impossible to please a conservative, unless you are hard right wing.

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