Santa Claus Requests Bailout


The economy is bad all over, including at the North Pole. Apparently it isn’t easy for Elves to transition from hand carving bats to reverse engineering and manufacturing iPods to meet changing demands in Christmas gifts.

The War on Christmas, And Now Kwanzaa

The War on Christmas might only be one of many examples of right wing paranoia, but it turns out there really was a War on Kwanzaa. Ann Coulter not only attacks the holiday but, writing one of her typical hate-filled columns, claims credit for victory. She brags, “I believe my triumph over this synthetic holiday is nearly complete.”

The right wing tirades about the imaginary War on Christmas were quieter than usual this year but Alex Koppelman has reported on one item from The Washington Times.

Christmas has also won a victory, being declared an official holiday for the first time this year in Iraq. This sounds like a positive move but Alan Colmes also notes that things have not worked out very well for the Christian minority in Iraq.