Caroline Kennedy Not on Face the Nation

Today’s episode of Face the Nation was devoted to the question of whether Caroline Kennedy should be appointed to the New York Senate seat. I just started watching it on my DVR and don’t know what they will say on the topic. One thing I’m wondering is why they aren’t interviewing Caroline Kennedy herself. I don’t know if she was asked, but I’m sure they’d be interested to have her on if they thought it was a possibility.

If Kennedy wants to avoid being compared to Sarah Palin she needs to face interviewers, as well as speak out in public about what she would do in the Senate. Answering written questions is not enough to satisfy most observers.

Should Kennedy appear on such shows we must also be fair to her and keep in mind that she is seeking a senate seat, not the vice-presidency. We need a vice-president to have knowledge of most areas of government in case they should become president. A senator does not need this degree of expertise on all subjects. It is fine if she admits to not knowing very much about some subjects or if she doesn’t have an opinion on all topics. What is important is that she have some knowledge in some areas and can demonstrate that this knowledge would be of value in working on issues in the senate. The degree of knowledge she shows could also help predict whether she is likely to learn the details of areas where she has committee assignments or there are important Senate votes

Sarah Palin showed a shocking lack of understanding of any of the topics she was asked about as well as a tremendous lack of intellectual curiosity. Kennedy does not need to be able to answer all questions but she does need to show meaningful knowledge in areas she has considered.

I remain not terribly concerned either way with regards to whether Kennedy gets the appointment. There are reasons pro and con, but I will also add that I found today’s objections from Kos to be trivial. I’m interested in what she would do for the country and her views on positions, not her history in partisan politics.

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    TexasCowboy says:

    Caroline would likely make a fine senator given the exceptional track record of forward thinking Kennedys in the past, but I agree, we need to hear from her.  Of course, KOS fans usually take an innane negative stance on many issues so I do not give much credit to them.

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    cyn's sis says:

    Since the public hasn’t had heard from most of the other candidates to replace Hill, you probably won’t hear from Caroline nationally either.

    The governor makes the decision and maybe she doesn’t want to box him in a corner to much.  Some have said she already has but that remains to be seen.

    Frankly I think she will do a lot more for NY than Hillary ever did if she gets the nod.

    All I have to say to her is good luck working with schumer, because she is going to need it.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    Kennedy sort of boxed him in when she expressed interest in the appointment. There is a greater need for Caroline Kennedy to face interviewers as she has not run for office and faced questions as other potential appointees have. There is also the problem that many feel that she has no qualifications beyond her name. Appearing before the pubic would help settle that question one way or the other.

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