Oxycontin and the Right

When the stories first  came out yesterday that Levi Johnston’s mother was arrested on drug charges, I wondered if this could be tied into Wasilla’s reputation as the methamphetamine capital of Alaska.
It now looks like this is not the case. Instead we might have more insight into why Rush Limbaugh was such a strong supporter of Sarah Palin. It turns out that Sherry Johnston’s arrest was related to Oxycontin.

Previously I noted that The National Enquirer had alleged that Track Palin had been addicted to Oxycontin.  Yes, those small town values which Sarah Palin promotes are just so wonderfully superior to the values of the rest of us.

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    Stephen Rose says:

    Most people are too young to remember Peyton Place. Small towns have never been less problematic than cities when it comes to the entire spectrum of human failings.

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