Creationism and Fundamentalists

The people of several Muslim countries share the views of the two front runners (at this point) for the 2012 Republican nomination. The world might be a safer (and more ignorant) place if the Muslim and Christian fundamentalists spent more time talking to each other. They would then discover how similar their belief systems really are. This will probably not happen because there is that major obstacle that each has a belief system which insists they have the only true knowledge about the universe and neither is open to contrary evidence.

This above graph comes from Science via Andrew Sullivan. (Click on graph for larger image).  Salman Hameed writes:

…although the last couple of decades have seen an increasing confrontation over the teaching of evolution in the United States, the next major battle over evolution is likely to take place in the Muslim world (i.e., predominantly Islamic countries, as well as in countries where there are large Muslim populations). Relatively poor education standards, in combination with frequent misinformation about evolutionary ideas, make the Muslim world a fertile ground for rejection of the theory. In addition, there already exists a growing and highly influential Islamic creationist movement (1). Biological evolution is still a relatively new concept for a majority of Muslims, and a serious debate over its religious compatibility has not yet taken place. It is likely that public opinion on this issue will be shaped in the next decade or so because of rising education levels in the Muslim world and the increasing importance of biological sciences.

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