West Virginia vs. Michigan

John Cole has a modest proposal for a bailout plan for the automotive industry which the Republican Party would go along with–invade Michigan. After throwing out some statistics they might find compelling, Cole writes:

We need to invade Michigan and rebuild the state from the ground up. We will be greeted as liberators, we have clear supply lines, and we can easily rebuild the auto industry with the kind of money we spend on other countries we invade. Hell, our new Secretary of State, Hillary of Clinton, spent the better part of the past year fighting for the rights of average folks from Michigan, so think of the good will we have with the public. This is very doable. Just tell Congress we will give KBR no-bid contracts to fix Detroit.

Actually I thought that Hillary was fighting for herself, not Michigan, when she sought to disenfranchise those of us who supported Obama by grabbing more delegates than she would have won in a real primary battle.

Not looking forward to either a military invasion or a visit from the incoming Secretary of State I will turn John’s use of Republican logic against him. It doesn’t take much to imitate a conservative conspiracy theorist and make that accusations might sound plausible even if lacking in any evidence. I don’t even need to leave John’s blog for an example of this principle.

Could the motivation behind pushing for an invasion really be revenge by someone from West Virginia against Michigan for stealing two of their coaches? The University of Michigan has stolen two high profile coaches from Cole’s state–John Beilein and Rich Rodriguez. With the basketball team recently upsetting UCLA and Duke it looks like Beilein was a good pick.

It is too early to judge Rodreguez. While he led the Michigan football team to one of their worst seasons ever he did come into a program which had far less talent than usual, and then had to deal with additional players deciding to leave early. A spread offense simply will not work without a quarterback. Regardless of how Rodreguez turns out at Michigan his hiring was a loss for West Virginia where he had an excellent record despite also having a losing first season.

There are plenty of people in West Virginia who are angry about Michigan taking Beilein and Rodreguez, and undoubtedly some would see this as reason for an invasion. Having a blogger from West Virginia advocate such an invasion presents a far stronger case than has been seen in much of the Republican paranoia about Democrats.

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