Obama’s Birth Certificate

With the inauguration coming closer, conservatives are making trying to receive more attention for their conspiracy theories related to Barack Obama’s citizenship. Marc Ambinder shows one of the latest attempts to make noise about this by the right.

I have previously noted the evidence against the claims that Obama is not a natural born citizen in posts including here and here. The second post includes a report that Hawaii’s Department of Health director has verified the legitimacy of Obama’s birth certificate. Conservative conspiracy theorists continue to claim that Obama’s birth certificate is being kept hidden as part of some sort of cover up (similar to the untrue claims still circulating on many conservative blogs that John Kerry never released his Vietnam records).

In reality John Kerry’s Vietnam records were both posted on line and were reviewed by the media to verify that the posted material was legitimate. Similarly Barack Obama’s original birth certificate has been examined and verified as legitimate. Snopes has also debunked the claims being circulated by the right regarding Obama’s birth certificate. Of course facts never seem to have any impact upon the ridiculous claims spread by the right wing.

Update: Conspiracy Theorists Maintain Their Fantasies on Obama’s Birth

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