Record Numbers Apply For Jobs Despite Application From Hell

A couple of weeks ago I provided examples of the vast amount of information required of applicants for jobs in the Obama administration. This does not appear to have disuaded many people as record numbers are applying for jobs. The Los Angeles Times reports:

So far, the transition team has received 290,000 applications for jobs in the Obama administration through its website — — and officials believe they could wind up with 1 million job-seekers by the time Obama is sworn into office on Jan. 20.

By comparison, before President Bush took office in 2001, he received just 44,000 requests for political jobs. As former President Clinton assumed the White House in 1993, he had received 125,000 applications for jobs.

The problem is that only about 8,000 non-career service positions are available, according to the Plum Book, which lists those jobs.

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