The Sarah Palin Freak Show

It was bound to happen. A Draft Sarah Palin web site has been established. This is hardly a necessary use of any one’s time, even if they really want Sarah to be the sacrificial lamb for the GOP in 2012. Sarah Palin is highly ambitious and she will work for the nomination regardless of what any draft committee does. I’ve even seen some claim their draft campaign was responsible for her getting the VP spot this year. Sarah Palin made her own effort for the nomination, with the help of right wing pundits. No draft efforts were responsible for the pick.

The web site is receiving a large amount of traffic, but it appears to be largely from curious readers who have little desire to actually see her be president. The Straw Poll section has a survey asking whether Sarah Palin or Barack Obama will win in 2012. At present Obama  97% of the 17018 who have voted predict Obama will win. This could represent realists who support Palin but don’t think she will win, but the true believers are unlikely to answer a poll this way.

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