Has Mitt Romney Committed Political Suicide?

Here is one title of an op-ed I was surprised to see: Let Detroit Go Bankrupt by Mitt Romney. If Mitt is going to run in the future, he will need to be a viable candidate in both the primary and general election in Michigan. The prospect of  possibly being able to compete in Michigan made many Republicans think he should have been McCain’s running mate this year (and he certainly would have helped more than Sarah Palin).

The question is whether Romney can ever win in Michigan with an op-ed title like this which can be quoted? I’m not saying he is wrong on this. He actually does make several good points (although I wonder if the auto companies would survive at all in bankruptcy considering today’s extremely tight credit market). I just wonder how this will be  received in Michigan. Perhaps if the Big Three rebounds (and is ever considered the Big Three again) it won’t matter in future election years, but this opinion will certainly not help him in Michigan.

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  1. 1
    Eric Blair says:

    What, you think Michigan actually matters anymore?

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    If Michigan is once again one of the larger states with an early Republican primary it could matter in the nomination battle. Michigan has 17 electoral votes and will remain under consideration among Republicans who hope to try to flip a Democratic state. If Romney could make the case that he could win Michigan he would gain points among Republicans choosing candidates based upon electability.

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