Do We Let Hillary Clinton Muck Up Foreign Policy or Health Care?

With all the stories about Hillary Clinton being offered the position of Secretary of State, this appointment is far from certain. Clinton might reject the offer, and it is possible that Bill’s “associations” might still interfere.

While I still believe John Kerry would be a far better choice, an event today has caused me to now hope that Hillary Clinton is offered and accepts the position of Secretary of State. Karen Tumulty posts an announcement that Ted Kennedy has asked Clinton to head one of three task forces on health care. Doesn’t he remember what happened to the Democratic control of Congress the last time they let Hillary Clinton get involved with health care?

Yes, Obama should make Hillary the next Secretary of State, and then treat her advice like George Bush treated that from Colin Powell. Get Hillary out of health care and domestic policy once and for all. If Obama can to this, it would be a tremendous accomplishment for his new administration.

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