Gerard Baker Moves to Wall Street Journal, Suggesting Further Move to the Right

My subscription to The Wall Street Journal is coming up for renewal soon, and I will have to reconsider subscribing. It has never bothered me that the editorial page is far right as it is sometimes useful to see what the other side thinks, and their news coverage has been excellent despite their conservative bias.

The question is what would happen with Rupert Murdoch taking over the paper.I fear things are now changing for the worse. The Politico reports that Gerard Baker of The Times of London has been named The Wall Street Journal’s deputy editor-in-chief. Jason Linkins explains why this is so bad:

… in case you were wondering precisely what sort of right-wing ideologue you were getting at the Journal, and whether it made it more or less likely that the paper’s famed editorial tilt would bleed its way into the news coverage, E&P’s Greg Mitchell is here to remind you that Baker famously penned a column titled “Obama: is America ready for this dangerous left winger?” back in February 2008, in which he fulminated on a worldview that he claimed Obama espoused, one that included a fundamental lack of love for his country…

To make matters worse, Baker isn’t particularly gifted with news instincts of intelligence or precision: “Though [Obama] talks with great eloquence about the future, he sounds for all the world like one of the long line of Democrats from George McGovern to Walter Mondale to Michael Dukakis, who became history by espousing policies and striking a rhetorical pose that was well out of the mainstream of American politics.”

That said, if there’s one area in which Baker truly excels, it’s definitely the production of batpoopy-wack videography. We hear that stuff is recession-proof!

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    Jerry says:

    Ron, I would encourage you to drop you subscription.  If you’re only taking it for the news, and they’re FOXing themselves, then what’s left? It’s a small step, but it’s a step.

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