Gerard Baker Moves to Wall Street Journal, Suggesting Further Move to the Right

My subscription to The Wall Street Journal is coming up for renewal soon, and I will have to reconsider subscribing. It has never bothered me that the editorial page is far right as it is sometimes useful to see what the other side thinks, and their news coverage has been excellent despite their conservative bias.

The question is what would happen with Rupert Murdoch taking over the paper.I fear things are now changing for the worse. The Politico reports that Gerard Baker of The Times of London has been named The Wall Street Journal’s deputy editor-in-chief. Jason Linkins explains why this is so bad:

… in case you were wondering precisely what sort of right-wing ideologue you were getting at the Journal, and whether it made it more or less likely that the paper’s famed editorial tilt would bleed its way into the news coverage, E&P’s Greg Mitchell is here to remind you that Baker famously penned a column titled “Obama: is America ready for this dangerous left winger?” back in February 2008, in which he fulminated on a worldview that he claimed Obama espoused, one that included a fundamental lack of love for his country…

To make matters worse, Baker isn’t particularly gifted with news instincts of intelligence or precision: “Though [Obama] talks with great eloquence about the future, he sounds for all the world like one of the long line of Democrats from George McGovern to Walter Mondale to Michael Dukakis, who became history by espousing policies and striking a rhetorical pose that was well out of the mainstream of American politics.”

That said, if there’s one area in which Baker truly excels, it’s definitely the production of batpoopy-wack videography. We hear that stuff is recession-proof!

Holes in the Palin Coverup

On the eve of the election, Sarah Palin attempted to cover up her abuse of power in the Troopergate scandal by having a her own people release a bogus report apparently exonerating her–conflicting with the report requested by the state legislature showing she was guilty. The Anchorage Daily News has posted a letter from from Walt Monegan’s lawyer, Jeff Feldman, which shows multiple problems with the report commissioned by Palin.

As Marc Ambinder pointed out yesterday, Palin needs to change the way she is seen by non-Republicans before she can even consider running in 2012. Besides trying to cover up her abuse of powers, she has been attempting to rewrite history by giving interviews which outright distort the facts on the various accusations against her. She also persists with her disgusting, McCarthyist attacks, such as continuing to bring up William Ayers. Andrew Sullivan has been watching Palin’s interviews far more closely than I would want to, and as of this afternoon is up to installment XXIII in his series of The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin.

While Palin is giving more interviews, they are not necessarily helping get at the truth. As Sullivan points out in a subsequent post about those interviewing Palin, “These people are not interested in the truth; they’re interested in the interview ‘get’, their own buzz, and their own ratings. There are no follow-up questions, no sense that these people have followed the actual campaign at all.” Still, the more she has on record, the easier it will be to go back and show all the contradictions between what Paliln says and what really has occurred.

John McCain on The Tonight Show

John McCain appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and was reluctant speculate as to why he lost or place blame. I wondered whether his recent dispute with David Letterman would come up. Leno did ask about it, but McCain quickly changed the topic by saying, “You should have seen The View.

Videos are above and the full transcript is under the fold.


Blog War: John Cole vs. Big Tent Democrat

I don’t normally get too involved in the various disputes in the blogosphere, but I couldn’t help finding some enjoyment in seeing John Cole smack down Armando/Big Tent Democrat. I think there is pretty widespread agreement that Big Tent Democrat had some of the weakest and most irrational attacks on Obama to be seen throughout the election campaign (while he also claimed to back Obama). Most of the time I ignored him, but I did respond on occasion such as here and here.

Big Tent Democrat set himself up as an easy target for debunking as soon as he raised the nonsense of the Obama cult in the first item John Cole responds to. I previously responded to the nonsense of an Obama cult here and here. Most of the arguments from the past months no longer matter, and Cole decided to summarize them quickly rather than dwell on them:

With Democrats like this, who needs Red State? If there was anyone who was more tedious during this last election cycle than Armando, aka Big Tent Democrat, let me know. Besides turning one of my favorite sites, TalkLeft, into a pseudo-Puma cess-pool during the primaries (But he supports Obama, dont’cha know- speaking for him only!), BTD’s bigger sin was dispensing bad advice to the Obama campaign on an almost daily basis. If concern trolling was an art form, BTD would be Michelangelo and the 2008 Democratic primary his Sistine Chapel.

Because I am short on patience, and, at heart, a compassionate person, I am not going to go through the TalkLeft archives and dig up where BTD gravely intones that Obama can not win the white vote, can not win the Jewish vote, can not win the Hispanic vote, and on and on. I will not dig up all the stupid god damned advice he gave to the Obama campaign (which they, thank GOD, ignored). I will not look up the umpteen posts where the left’s own pompous village idiot warned that Obama could not win without Hillary on the ticket. I will not dig up the polling data that he consistently misread and always curiously interpreted as showing a need for Hillary on the ticket. I will let you do that for yourself, and you can enjoy your own historical retrospective into BTD’s idiocy. Yes, I voted for Bush twice, but I proudly state I am not as stupid as BTD. Period.

After debunking the attacks Big Ten Democrat has made on Obama, Cole concludes:

In other words, there is a lot of bullshit floating around out there. No one knows what is going on, no decisions have been made. The press is in a vacuum, publishing rumor and innuendo, and you have no clue what Obama’s opinion on torture, Gitmo, or anything else is beyond what he has publicly stated repeatedly and campaigned upon, and for you, working from a profound position of ignorance (your normal state, I might add) to state that Obama all of a sudden supports torture but “merely wants greater oversight,” deserves nothing other than a firm round of South Park, the Musical ( link is totally NSFW, totally immature, and totally encapsulates my firm feelings about the biggest bloviating moron writing for a left-wing blog). I know you are still fondly dreaming of a Hillary 2012 challenge, but could you base the need for this on something other than speculation in the WSJ a mere week after the election (and two months before he is inaugurated)? Was the Corner busy? You couldn’t get any inside scoop from Michael Goldfarb at the Weekly Standard?

And before I close, let me finish with this. I left the right because they were such assholes I could not stand it anymore. You left good graces with the left because you were too much of an asshole, and they troll-rated you into oblivion. I may have been wrong about a lot of things in the past, and will be in the future, but I left the GOP because it was a cult. I was the one who was suspicious about Obama in the beginning. I think I have a solid eye for bullshit. And for the record, if you want to see what a “cult” looks like, you might want to check your own comment policy. We allow dissent here, and appreciate it. You are so dimwitted and thin-skinned you delete anything that deviates from your own bizarre dogma. Keep that in mind when I say this:

Yes, right now the “Cult of Obama” wants you to STFU. At least until he, you know, actually does something that deserves your derision. And if and when he does, we will join you. Until then, amuse yourself writing diaries for No Quarter, and while you are at it, do us a favor and ask Larry about the “Whitey” tape. Wanker.

Unfortunately, should there be any who really want to watch an all out blog war, John Cole is fighting an unarmed opponent in this battle of wits. Big Tent Democrat can only respond with an incoherent post which falls back on claims that those who backed Obama are cultists and which he denies making all the irrational arguments we have seen him make throughout the campaign. It is possible that Cole might have erred and maybe BTD did not make every single argument Cole attributes to him, but overall Cole captures the gist of the arguments coming from BTD throughout the election.

Update: John Cole responds to Big Tent Democrat’s claims that the posts he mentioned do not exist by searching the archives and showing that they do.