John Kerry Is The Best Choice To Work With Obama to Remake America’s Foreign Policy as Secretary of State

Al Giordano argues that John Kerry is looking like the best choice for Secretary of State:

By default, Kerry is the front runner and I opine that by every yardstick he ought to be: From the teamwork perspective, a Secretary of State Kerry in tandem with a Vice President Biden have a long-built synergy that would allow them to boldly remake America’s role around the world. Both of them, although they’re not widely seen as such, are visionaries on foreign policy. If I had to bet which of the three — Kerry, Richardson or Lugar — has the biggest list of new ideas for what he would take to the position, I’d put all my chips down on Kerry and the probability that he’s already put it in memo form. If Biden agrees with those ideas — and chances are good that he does — we may see Kerry quickly named to the position as one of the first major appointments of the administration.

Press hackery and speculation aside: It won’t be because Kerry went out on a limb and endorsed Obama before everybody else got on the bandwagon (but that doesn’t hurt, not at all; and probably even more compelling for Obama is that Kerry is the guy who gave him the 2004 keynote speech slot that rocketed him into contention), but because Kerry would be the most qualified and enthusiastic workaholic for the position; one that knows in minute detail where the damage has been done — and where the bodies are buried — over so many years by disastrous US policy across the world and who has a plan to fix it.

If Obama and Biden are seeking a pro-active and self-motivated Secretary of State in harmony with their own visions, one that will command immediate respect, almost no second-guessing, and have a unifying effect on the rest of the foreign policy wonk world seeking to join the administration, Kerry is looking better and better for the position every day.

In sum: Kerry provides Obama and Biden the fastest route to making real change without provoking unwanted turbulence.

John Kerry has been fighting for change on foreign policy longer than virtually anyone else. While his views on foreign policy and Iraq were greatly distorted, first in the primary battles of 2004 and then by George Bush in the general election campaign, as The New York Times pointed out back in 1992, John Kerry set himself apart from other Democrats by being willing to stand up to the policies of George Bush.

In his speech at Georgetown prior to the start of the Iraq war, John Kerry called on George Bush to not rush to war, predicting the consequences. When George Bush failed to listen to his advice and attacked Iraq, John Kerry protested, saying we needed regime change in the United States. John Kerry’s attempt to bring regime change fell short in 2004, but in both 2004 and 2008 John Kerry worked to advance the career of Barack Obama, enabling us to bring about change beginning in 2009. Barack Obama and John Kerry would make a tremendous team in reversing the disastrous foreign policy of the last eight years and restoring America’s reputation and position of leadership in the world.

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    Angellight says:

    Senator Kerry had the wisdom to ask Barack Obama to speak at the 2004 Democratic Convention before Barack was even a United States Senator, that should be proof enough that this man has wisdom and foresight.

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