The GOP: Celebrating Ignorance


Here’s a quick reminder of why we voted the Republicans out of office. In the video above Pat Buchanan defends Sarah Palin. Lawrence O’Donnell blasted Pat Buchanan for the Republican Party’s celebrating ignorance, including not being able to even think of evolution. O’Donnell then asked Buchanan if he believes in evolution. Buchanan showed that he both believes in creationism and doesn’t understand evolution by telling O’Donnell that if he believes he’s descended from a monkey he would understand it.

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    Bernard Kirzner, M.D. says:

    It’s worse than that. The radical Right, i.e. the Evangelical Christians who are stuck with rejecting Evolution, do so because they fear the undoing of their religion without a literal interpretation of the bible.

    No Garden of Eden, no Adam and Eve, no original sin, no need for Jesus to die for our sins, no need for resurrection.

    This anti-intellectual, anti-scientific stance leads to the inanity of making a best-educated top-of-the class intelligent candidate seem unqualified for the presidency. Elite being seen as bad, not good.

    Hanging on to a literal interpretation of Genesis is causing our country a lot of grief.

    And it IS monkey business, but in a way Buchanen didn’t intend.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    See my latest post, especially towards the end as it touches on these points.

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    Mark Goodson says:

    Dr. Kirzner,

    I don’t think you can demonstrate that creation science is anti-intellectual.  The fact is there is <a href=”“>unsufficient evidence in support of the evolutionary position and the evolutionary scientists have made a number of embarrassing admissions.</a>

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The article you cite (along with pretty much everything at Conservapedia) provides a pretty good example of the anti-intellectualism of creationists.

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