Palin Continues Cover Up of Her Abuse of Power

Sarah Palin, who was earlier found to have abused power by a nonpartisan investigation requested by the Republican-controlled state legislature, has been found innocent of abuse of powers in a separate sham investigation by the Alaska State Personnel Board. This investigation was conducted by a group hand picked by Palin in order to circumvent the review requested by the state legislature to have the appearance of a report clearing her come out on the eve of the election.

This report in no way changes the fact that Palin has abused her power in office. This further demonstrates the ways in which Palin deceives the public and her lack of respect for rule of law, making her unfit to be vice president.

Palin previously tried to cover up the findings that she is guilty of abuse of power in the Troopergate scandal by lying about the report, claiming it said she was “cleared of any legal wrongdoing” when the report found that she knowingly violated the state Ethics Act.


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    PensiveGadfly says:

    It doesn’t really matter at this point BUT I would like to know about the two distinct “independent” counsel that were hired, one by the legislature and one by the personnel board.  The board is full of Palin appointees, I assume.  The state legislature is Republican dominated, correct?  And their investigator was a bi-partisan pick.  Further, who has jurisdiction over this sort of investigation.  Lots of questions few answers.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The investigation by the state legislature should have jurisdiction. Originally they were handling this, but after Palin was picked as VP candidate they came up with the idea of a rigged investigation by Palin appointees to attempt to cover up her abuse of power.

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    PensiveGadfly says:

    I’m still not sure what to think of this.  On the one hand, I read that the Personnel Board investigation was started when Palin filed an ethics complaint against herself.  Hmmm?   ON the other hand, the Personnel Board, all Palin appointees, reportedly hired an independent lawyer, referred to by the wing nut blogs as a “Democrat” to undertake the investigation.  I still smell a rat, but I’m not sure where–aside from Palin’s politics, of course.

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