Liberal Values Backs Iniatives For Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Medical Marijuana, and Sunday Beer & Wine Sales

Unless the polls are way off or things change dramatically in the final day of the campaign, we pretty much know how Tuesday will turn out. Obama should win, either by just over 270 electoral votes if McCain manages to win in the states which remain close, or by a landslide if Obama picks up many of the contested states which now lean towards him. The Democrats will get close to sixty seats in the Senate, but watching if they achieve sixty will provide some drama. The Democrats will also pick up several House seats as well as victories in many state races. Questions remain with regards to the ballot initiatives, with some being of importance.

Here in Michigan there are two key iniatives on the ballot, both of which I support. One is to allow research in embryonic stem cells. I have not seen polling on this, but not unexpectedly a glance at signs being displayed shows heavy support in Ann Arbor and opposition here in conservative West Michigan.

The other initiative will allow for medical use of marijuana. There are many other states as well as local governments with similar initiatives, with providing a summary. The election of Obama over McCain will also have a major effect on reducing the drug war. Currently the DEA has been raiding users of medical marijuana even in states where it is legal (in a situation which shows how conservatives only back Federalism when it helps promote their beliefs). Obama supports an end to such actions while McCain supports continuing them. Obama has also supported reform of sentences for drug offenders, and appears much more open to other reforms to end the drug war.

In Ottawa County where I live there is also a proposal to allow beer and wine sales on Sunday. (I did say that West Michigan is conservative). We currently have an unusual situation here where restaurants can sell mixed drinks but not beer or wine, which both makes no sense and which is foolish in a region which depends upon the tourist trade. I also knew someone who, while he was still working, had done quite well with a store selling beer and wine just past the country border.  Incidentally, because of the wording of the proposal, it is necessary to vote No to prevent continuation of the current ban.

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    battlebob says:

    Just east of you in Alto, things are in flux.  Many conservatives I know may vote for Obama and support medical marijuana and stem-cell research.
    Slight cracks in the conservative armor?

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    In Grand Haven there appears to be far more Obama signs than McCain signs. Outside of town the ratio tilts back towards McCain but there are some subdivisions with more Obama than McCain signs. My area has more McCain than Obama signs but I’ve taken advantage of having more street frontage to help balance it out more for Obama.

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