Liberal Values Breaks 100,000 Page Views for October

If only interest in blogs such as this was as high every month as it is during a hot political race. Thanks to interest in the general election campaign, Liberal Values reached a new high in October with over 106,000 page loads. This doesn’t include the approximately 7000 people who read the blog in RSS readers and from email subscriptions, or those who read posts on the web pages of many news organizations as distributed by BlogBurst.

Prior to this month, our busiest month was in February as the primary battle heated up, with January through May all being very busy. Traffic dropped back by mid May as Obama mathematically appeared to have wrapped up the nomination, along with the usual drop which occurs towards summer, and then picked up again with the conventions in late August.

Hopefully many of the new readers will stick around after the election. There is bound to be plenty to blog about as, assuming the polls are accurate, a new administration is formed. I’ll also be able to return to the wider variety of topics which were common here prior to the campaign heating up and dominating discussion in the news and blogosphere.

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