Olbermann and McCain on Saturday Night Live

As I noted earlier, John McCain will be on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He will be joined by Keith Olbermann, or at least a skit mocking him. Olbermann reportedly crashed the rehearsal, but was amused by the skit:

Ben Affleck, who’s hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week, was rehearsing a skit this afternoon mocking Keith Olbermann when Olbermann himself got past security to watch, according to a source with knowledge of the incident.

A source described the skit as “savage,” in portraying Olbermann as a deranged person living at home with his mother. Affleck, said a source, became uneasy with Olbermann in attendance at the 3 p.m., closed-set rehearsal.

But Olbermann, through a spokesman, was complimentary on his first time being mocked on “SNL” — a position his MSNBC colleague Chris Matthews has been in over the years.

“I’m not Sarah Palin,” Olbermann said. “I know how valuable it is to me. And it’s funny.”

Olbermann also mentioned that the skit is planned on Coutdown tonight and did not sound offended. As a television performer, he probably sees some value in being treated as an icon on SNL, even if mocked.


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    JohnD says:

    Olbermann buys into the ‘fame for any reason’ club.  Our founding fathers would be proud – sarcasm font throughout.  They bashed him as he deserved.   Pointing out with bitter satire his true tactics.  SNL needs to do O’Reilly next.  Neither are good for America.

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