John McCain to Appear on Saturday Night Live

On Wednesday I noted that Seth Meyers, appearing on Fresh Air, stated that both candidates had an open invitation to appear on Saturday Night Live. There had been rumors that Barack Obama was going to be on the show, but Meyers thought Obama might be too busy to appear. Marc Ambinder states today that John McCain will be appearing this Saturday.

Putting aside politics and looking purely at entertainment value, McCain has done better than most politicians who have appeared on the show. While Sarah Palin’s recent appearance was disappointing as she only had a minimal role in the two skits she appeared in (videos here), McCain has had some entertaining skits in the past. Back in 2002 he appeared in a skit as a creepy husband (video here). McCain also performed a humorous skit on Weekend Update in May in which he urged Democrats not to make a decision on the nominee too soon. Here is that video:

McCain has also been satarized many times on SNL. Among the more memorable skits during this year’s campaign have been parody of his dishonest ads (video here) and Will Farrell playing Geroge Bush endorsing McCain (video here).

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    Gina says:

    I’m actually looking forward to this. The skit you linked to above is pretty funny, and McCain was absolutely hysterical at the Al Smith dinner a few weeks ago, his comments about Keith Olbermann nothwithstanding. He does seem to have a pretty good sense of humor. It’s a real shame he didn’t let more of it show during the campaign. I might have been able to respect him, at least, even though I dislike him immensely and could never vote for him in a million years.

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