Barack Obama’s Infomercial, And Why McCain Can’t Do Anything Similar


Barack Obama had the infomercial in the above video on three broadcast networks as well as a couple cable networks. The show seems to be aimed at those who might still feel uncomfortable about him being president. He avoids the standard political attacks and I don’t even recall a single mention of John McCain. He also avoided detailed discussion of his policies which could be found elsewhere and concentrated on evoking good feelings about an Obama presidency, similar to the manner in which Ronald Reagan dispelled negative views of him with promises of “morning in America.”

John McCain will not be airing anything similar. This is primarily because of lack of funds, but even if he could afford to do so, it is hard to imagine a Republican candidate doing anything other than attacking their opponent. Take away distortions of Obama’s positions, claims that he is a celebrity, a terrorist, and a socialist, and there isn’t much left for McCain to say.

The other problem is that McCain has nothing to offer. If you could cut through all the spin, these would be some of the effects of a McCain presidency:

  • John McCain will undermine the free enterprise system by continuing the Bush policies of taking more money from the middle class, small businessmen, and many of those who create wealth to redistribute it to the ultra-wealthy.
  • John McCain will undermine our national security by continuing Bush’s war in Iraq, possibly attacking Iran, and avoiding negotiations with other nations.
  • John McCain will further reduce the freedom of Americans by assisting the religious right in promoting their agenda of using the government to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of the country.
  • John McCain will worsen the health care crisis by forcing more people to obtain their coverage in the individual market, despite lack of affordable coverage for those who are older or have pre-existing medical conditions, and will have a greater portion of health care costs paid for by the patients instead of insurance coverage.

With policies like this, it is no surprise that John McCain couldn’t put on a campaign commercial without lying about Obama’s views and disgusing the impact of his own views.

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