Brother Problems and Other Irrelevant News

I imagine I should have one post on two of the most discussed topics in the blogosphere the last couple of days. So far I haven’t bothered as neither story really matters. There are plenty of reasons to vote for Obama over McCain other than these. Assuming that it was just the isolated act of a campaign worker acting alone, the Ashley Todd hoax is not a reason to vote against McCain. It did provide a good window into the thought process in much of the right wing blogosphere which quickly jumped onto this story, while some conservative bloggers such as Michelle Malkin did realize it was a hoax from the start.


Then there’s the brother problem. Considering the stories on John McCain’s anger problems, it didn’t help McCain to have his brother Joe make the news (video above). If John McCain were to make a comeback and get elected, he wouldn’t be the first president who risked being embarrassed by their brother. Jimmy Carter had Billy. Bill Clinton had Roger. Imagine if Jeb Bush were to ever become president. He’d have the biggest the most embarrassing brother of them all.

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