Obama Winning Among Many Former Bush Supporters

An ABC News/New York Times poll finds that Barack Obama is winning among several groups which previously backed George Bush:

Underscoring the building strength of Mr. Obama’s candidacy in the final phase of the campaign, he was ahead of Mr. McCain among various groups that voted for Mr. Bush four years ago: those with incomes greater than $50,000 a year; married women; suburbanites; white Catholics, and is even competitive among white men — a group that has not voted for a Democrat over a Republican since 1972, when pollsters began surveying people after they voted.

Obama is also making inroads with another group which backed George Bush–former Bush press secretaries. Scott McClellan has endorsed Barack Obama:

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan, who angered many Republicans earlier this year with a memoir criticizing President Bush, said today that he’s voting for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

McClellan told CNN that Obama’s message “is very similar to the one that Governor Bush ran on in 2000,” apparently referring to the current president’s early pitch as a reformer and a moderate.

“From the very beginning I have said I am going to support the candidate that has the best chance for changing the way Washington works and getting things done and I will be voting for Barack Obama,” McClellan said during the interview, which was taped for the Saturday broadcast of a new CNN show, “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News.”

Obama also added an endorsement this evening from a group which did not back George Bush–the editorial board of The New York Times.

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    Joy says:

    What do expect? That they cling on to John McCain, their actions are just following logic founded on their being out of Bush’s shadow. 

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