McCain Believes Sarah Palin is More Qualified Than Joe Lieberman?

John McCain has sold his soul this year, saying and doing many things in hopes of becoming president which most people would never have expected from him. He’s said many ridiculous things this year, but this comment when interviewed by Imus might be the most absurd of all:

“I think she is the most qualified of any that has run recently for vice president.”

Palin’s lack of qualifications have become quite clear, but McCain apparently believes she is more qualified than Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Dick Cheney, George H. W. Bush, Jack Kemp, and Al Gore.

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    kfccanada says:

    All this hooplah about $150,000.00 for campaign apparal is petty and distracting and meant to belittle Sarah Palin . She’s young, pretty, feminine and speaks colloquially, so people are trying to pat her on the head and dismiss her as being a clothes horse and vacuous.

     We’re seeing discrimination against women in this campaign and a heck of a lot of chauvinism. This only proves one thing…some men are definitely threatened by her appearance on the political circuit and they are lashing out as men seem to be able to do so well….by hitting at her in the self-esteem version of the  ‘solar plexus’….

    Now that you’ve focussed on Sarah’s wardrobe, pray tell us the value of all of Obama’s suits. After all, he has $605 million dollars to spend, not a trifling $150,000.00. I mean, give me a break, those sexy boots must have cost that all by themselves. …and she sure does look great in them.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    The controversy has absolutely nothing to do with discrimination against women. it is a question of violation of federal campaign finance laws.

    I doubt the value of Obama’s suits comes anywhere near $150,000. He does not have $605 million to spend on suits.

    The comparison which matters is how much was spent on clothes from campaign funds as opposed to personal funds. Here are the numbers:

    Sarah Palin and Family: $150,000

    Barack Obama: $0.00

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    fdeblauwe says:

    As Julius Caesar said when he was stabbed to death: “Et tu, Brute?” Poooor Joe Lieberman, shunned or betrayed by Democrats, Republicans and McCain alike. See this great cartoon at the <a href=””>Word Face-Off</a> blog!

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