Obama Rejects Wearing Mickey Ears

Regular readers know I’m a huge Disney fan, and I have traveled to Walt Disney World many times. I still do not feel at all slighted by Obama’s decision to pose with the Mouse ears but not put them on. As The Swamp points out, this might have created a situation comparable to Michael Dukakis in the tank. (Besides, for me Disney World means having a steak at California Grill or the Potato-Wrapped Red Snapper at Flying Fish just as much as, or perhaps even more so, than seeing Mickey.)

Keeping potential gaffes to a minimum has been one of many reasons for Obama’s success this year, forcing the wing nuts to dwell on trivial matters such as a washed up terrorist who, along with Republicans, was on some of the same committees with Obama. There’s good reason why the late night comics have been making fun of the Repubican ticket seven times as often as the Democratic.


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    NOon8 says:

    T-minus two weeks to election day. Vote NO on Proposition 8 in California.

  2. 2
    dirtyshirt says:

    Check this vid of Iger, CEO of Disney, refusing Mickey ears during Mickey’s birthday celebration on The View.

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