Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama on Meet the Press this morning. While endorsements have limited value, this endorsement might be more significant than usual as it helps Obama on two different fronts–credibility as Commander-in-Chief and in reinforcing the views that the current Republican Party has move too far to the right, making a centrist Democratic Party a better choice even for many former Republican voters.

As a former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell’s view that Obama has shown better judgment than McCain and is ready to be Commander-in-Chief carries great weight. Powell also helps many former Republican voters to acknowledge that the current Republican Party has moved too far to the right to govern. Perhaps John McCain’s strongest potential argument is one based upon divided government. Powell helps negate this in raising concerns about adding two additional conservative Supreme Court justices. A McCain victory would do more long term to tilt the balance of government too far in one direction than having a centrist Democratic Party win in November.

Powell also raised serious concerns about John McCain’s judgment and ability to govern in questioning his choice of Sarah Palin and in condemning the negative tone of McCain’s campaign. This could be a serious matter for independents and moderate Republicans, even if they do not agree with Obama on all the issues. Character matters. A ticket which questions Obama’s character and patriotism, which raises false accusations of ties to terrorism, and which falsely portrays Obama’s economic views as socialism comes disturbingly close to practicing McCarthyism. This provides ample reason for moderates to vote against McCain and Palin.

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