Sarah Palin: From SNL to Roswell

I can’t help but notice a certain amount of irony here. Soon having completed a post referring to the tin foil hat attitudes of many Republicans I did a check of other blogs and found, via Marc Ambinder, that Sarah Palin is scheduled to appear in Roswell, New Mexico tomorrow.

Incidentally, tonight is the night the real Sarah Palin will appear on Saturday Night Live. I think it would be a hoot if instead of doing a normal show the cast were to go home and be replaced by real journalists who spent ninety minutes subjecting Palin to questioning. Lorne Michaels has previously said Tina Fey would appear on SNL again before the election but hasn’t said when. Fey also failed to give an answer as to whether she’d appear with Palin during tonight’s appearance when she was interviewed by David Letterman. (Video of Tina Fey on Late Night with David Letterman is available here.)

Josh Brolin, who plays George Bush in the Oliver Stone movie W will be hosting Saturday Night Live. There are certainly many similarities between Palin and George Bush which could be used for the subject of a skit.

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    Slugbug says:

    haha Ron – We were thinking alike!

    Glad about the strategic timing of the Powell endorsement and heading off to see Joe Biden in Tacoma!!

    Great to see your blog!  I Googled Roswell Palin!!

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