Obama Attacks McCain For Planned Medicare Cuts

When The Wall Street Journal first reported that John McCain would cut Medicare spending I half expected to see an ad out on this the same say. Instead it looks like Obama’s campaign decided to hold back on this and use it later in the campaign. I wonder how much this will cut into McCain’s lead in the elderly vote. I also wonder what else Obama has been holding back to use in the final days of the campaign.

Obama is also bringing up Medicare while campaigning:

Appearing in front of a crowd estimated at about 8,000 at the Roanoke Convention Center, Obama suggested cuts of “more than 20 percent” were possible by next year under the McCain plan.

“If you count on Medicare, it would mean fewer places to get care, and less freedom to choose your own doctors,” he said. “You’ll pay more for your drugs, you’ll receive fewer services, you’ll get lower quality care.”

Obama said McCain has “voted against protecting Medicare 40 times” during his 26-year tenure in Congress.


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    Brent says:

    Hey Ron, did you see that Health Care BS is attacking you again? That guy really has named his blog well. While you cut though the partisan BS on health care and tell it how it really is, the Heath Care BS bog regularly gives the far right Republican line counter to the facts.

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    Ron Chusid says:


    While I subscribe to the RSS feeds of several health care blogs, and feeds of several conservative bloggers who have opposing viewpoints worth reading, I stopped reading Health Care BS long ago. As you note, the blog is purely concerned with giving the far right line on health care issues, often outright lying about the facts and what others have written on health care.  He has zero integrity and zero credibility.  I have zero interest in what he has to say, about health care, my posts, or anything else.

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